Intro to R / RStudio Workshop


Amira Barizah


June 6, 2024

LaterThe workshop provided attendees with essential skills covering interface navigation and key package usage, for effective data analysis and visualization.

R Programming Basics Workshop: A Recap

On Saturday, 1st June 2024, Brunei R User Group hosted an enriching workshop on the basics of R Programming at The Space, Brunei Innovation Lab. This session, led by Hafeezul Raziq, was designed for individuals new to R, data science enthusiasts, and students keen on expanding their skillset in data analysis and statistics.

Workshop Highlights

The workshop ran from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM, featuring a well-structured blend of lecture-style teaching and practical, hands-on examples. Participants were encouraged to bring their laptops with R and RStudio pre-installed, allowing them to follow along and engage directly with the material.

What We Covered

Hafeezul Raziq, an experienced member of Brunei R User Group, guided attendees through a comprehensive introduction to R programming, starting with the fundamentals:

Getting Started with R & RStudio

Attendees learned how to install R and RStudio, navigate the RStudio interface, and utilize packages to expand R’s functionality. Hafeezul also highlighted essential packages such as tidyverse, ggplot2, and RMarkdown.

Basics of R Programming

This session covered fundamental concepts like data types, variables, basic arithmetic operations, and working with vectors. Understanding these basics is crucial for efficient data manipulation and analysis.

Data Structures in R

He introduced matrices, arrays, data frames, and lists, explaining how to create and manipulate these data structures. Attendees practiced accessing elements within these structures, an essential skill for data analysis.

Operators, Functions, and Control Structures

He delved into the use of operators, the creation of functions, and control structures like if-else statements and loops. These tools are vital for managing the flow of execution in R scripts and performing repetitive tasks.

The session also delved into practical skills essential for any budding data scientist:

Data Import and Export

He demonstrated how to import data from various file formats (CSV, Excel) into R and export data from R to different formats. This knowledge is fundamental for integrating external data sources into your R workflow.

Data Visualization

Attendees learned to create basic plots, such as scatter plots, bar plots, and histograms, using R’s powerful visualization tools. Visualizing data effectively is key to uncovering insights and communicating results

More details of the content of the session can be found here!

Hands-On Experience

Engaged participants immersed in R programming at the Brunei R User Group meetup.

Participants had the opportunity to apply what they learned through interactive exercises. This hands-on approach ensured that everyone could practice importing and manipulating data, as well as visualizing their results using RStudio. By working through examples, attendees gained confidence in using R for their own data analysis projects.

Join Us Next Time!

Bringing together participants, speakers, and BRUG members for an enriching exchange.

Given the success of this workshop, we are excited to announce that more advanced R programming sessions and other data science-related workshops will be scheduled in the near future.

If you missed this workshop or are interested in further developing your data science skills, keep an eye on our  Instagram ! We look forward to seeing you at our next session, where we will continue to explore the fascinating world of data science and R programming.

Happy Coding,

The Brunei R User Group.